I’m Arjun Ram Srivatsa. I am an artist, musician, poet, animator, creative director, video director, video editor, motion designer, graphic designer, sound designer, podcaster, journalist, art critic, fiction essayist, trend forecaster, birdwatcher, socialist, and friend living in Manhattan. 

I hold a masters degree from Columbia Univeristy’s Graduate School of Journalism. I was most recently the Director of Programming and Development for Pitchfork. From 2020 to 2021 I hosted Diversity Hire, a podcast about being “POC” in media.

You can find more examples of my work on Instagram.

Arjun Ram Srivatsa

Björk, Digital Cover, Pitchfork

With the release of her 11th album Forssea, Björk spoke with Pitchfork writer Jazz Monroe about the loss of her mother, her life during the pandemic, and how mushrooms became her muse. 

Following the album’s mycellial inspiration, I pitched an animated cover in which Björk mimiced expressive fungal growth patterns. Working with photographer Vidar Logi, I morphed three photographs of Björk in After Effects using bespoke technique. I then worked with type designer Marina Kozak, who created a typeface by photographing mushrooms, and animated the growing letters.

Creative Pitch Deck

Bespoke AE morph technique:
comp: precomp3+gaussian blur on movement over precomp3+echo (-0.02 time, 50 echoes, .95 decay)+gaussian blur
↳ precomp3: precomp2+time remap to hold frame on hero shot
↳ precomp2: precomp1+timewarp (5 speed, 50 vector detail, 0 error, 6 block size)
↳ precomp1: 4 frame animation of silo’d photos of bjork

c. 2022
Creative Director

Puja Patel
Vidar Logi
Photo Director: 
Jennifer Aborn
Art Director:
Marina Kozak
Graphic Designer:
Callum Abbott