I’m Arjun Ram Srivatsa. I am an artist, musician, poet, animator, creative director, video director, video editor, motion designer, graphic designer, sound designer, podcaster, journalist, art critic, fiction essayist, trend forecaster, birdwatcher, socialist, and friend living in Manhattan. 

I hold a masters degree from Columbia Univeristy’s Graduate School of Journalism. I was most recently the Director of Programming and Development for Pitchfork. From 2020 to 2021 I hosted Diversity Hire, a podcast about being “POC” in media.

You can find more examples of my work on Instagram.

Arjun Ram Srivatsac. 2022
Photographer: Vidar Logi
Photo Director: Jennifer Aborn
Art Director: Marina Kozak
Graphic Designer: Callum Abbott

Following the album’s mycellial inspiration, I pitched an animated cover in which Björk mimiced expressive fungal growth patterns. Working with photographer Vidar Logi, I morphed three photographs of Björk in After Effects using bespoke technique. I then worked with type designer Marina Kozak, who created a typeface by photographing mushrooms, and animated the growing letters.

Creative Pitch Deck

Bespoke AE morph technique:
comp: precomp3+gaussian blur on movement over precomp3+echo (-0.02 time, 50 echoes, .95 decay)+gaussian blur
↳ precomp3: precomp2+time remap to hold frame on hero shot
↳ precomp2: precomp1+timewarp (5 speed, 50 vector detail, 0 error, 6 block size)
↳ precomp1: 4 frame animation of silo’d photos of bjork

c. 2021
Photographer: Quil Lemons
Creative Director: Kira Pollack
Visuals Director: Tara Johnson

Still cover:

c. 2019
Photographer: Matt Martin
Creative Director: Rob Vargas
Design Director: Keir Novesky
c. 2019
Photographer: Ronan Mckenzie
Creative Director: Rob Vargas
Art Director: Roxanne Behr

c. 2022
Photographer: Steve Gullick
Photo Director: Jenny Aborn
Art Director: Marina Kozak
c. 2021
Photographer: Nick Riley Bentham
Creative Director: Kira Pollack
Art Director: Michael Kramer

c. 2021
DP: Dan Billinghurst
Creative Director: Kira Pollack
Art Director: Michael Kramer

Still cover:

Digital Covers, Condé Nast

As a visuals editor I created digital covers, article openers, and behind the scenes videos across Condé Nast brands.

Conde Nast
c. 2019-2022
Creative Director
Graphic Designer